NBA lock-out held for over a month now.

4 Nov

The NBA players and owners can not agree on a collective bargaining agreement, leading to an NBA lock-out. According to, the owner David Stern has been the biggest blame. There has been 4 lock outs within his term as commissioner and the reason for this, is because his pay is not cut like other players around the NBA. Commissioner David Stern is making between 15-17 million dollars a year, not including bonuses. With that said, he is making more money than all but 21 players in the NBA. This issue interest me because I am a huge fan of the NBA and its players. I don’t want to see the 2011-2012 NBA season go to waste. All their hard work and dedication should not be taken away from the players. More and more NBA players are now starting to sign contracts with over seas teams such as Germany, Italy, and Spain. Where players are making less money, and playing in fewer games than usual. The NBA lockout has cancelled its pre season and thirty regular season games thus far, and continue to negotiate issues concerning the lockout and its players.


NFL Players pay tribute, but also pays fine.

9 Sep

Players will be expected to pay a fine of $5,000 for paying tribute to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by wearing unathorized cleats and gloves, that were not provided by the NFL. Several players state that they are ready to write the check for wearing the commemorative attire on Sunday. League spokesman Greg Aiello argues that he is not going to allow playes to make unathorized changes to their uniform. I believe that this is a great way to remember, and honor those who fell upon 9/11. None of these players who choose to wear this gear are not looking for attention, or trying to be the main attraction on Sunday. These are players choosing to remeber, this isnt a Hall of Fame jacket worn on he sideline, or sharpie celebration in the end zone. Sunday will be more than a game to majority NFl players and fans.

A Beginning

26 Aug

I was born October 28, 1991 in Decatur, Illinois. I lived there for about 12-13 years, than later moved to Rockford, Illinois. Growing up, i was always into sports. I been playing basketball and football for several years now, and hopefully i will be able to contiue my success in sports at the college level. I have one younger brother thats 15, and a younger sister thats 8.

Hello world!

26 Aug

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